Run tests in package in 0.7?

looks like Pkg in 0.7 had dropped the Pkg.test() function. What’s the new preferred way to run the test suite for a package?


Hmm, Pkg.test still exists.

Ugh, sorry. Was running Pkg.test(DataFrames), not Pkg.test("DataFrames"), which gives a ERROR: MethodError: no method matching test(::Module) I misinterpreted.


You can use the new Pkg REPL if you want tab completion.

] to enter it and then test DataF<TAB> will autocomplete it.


BTW: I like the “package” mode in the REPL a LOT! It makes tasks in the package management easier.

And, did I mention I love how SNAPPY the new Pkg manager is? Just yesterday I had to use the old one and add Pkg took multiple minutes. This is progress!


Great to hear. A significant amount of work has gone in to make things feel fast (and actually be fast).