Rounding problem in summing up to numbers



Hello, I have a really silly question. When I sum up to float numbers

12.5 + 0.00640

I have the same result


I have never had such problem before. I thought the problem is with the way the number printed on the screen, but even

BigFloat(12.5 + 0.00640)

gives the same.

I mean, 0.00640 is way bigger than machine epsilon for Float64. What could be the problem?

Thank you in advance


I can’t reproduce this:

julia> 12.5 + 0.00640


The weird part is that I just tried to do this in console, and everything worked fine. But with using Juno’s console the problem still remains (I tried to rerun). What could be wrong?


Juno seems to aggressively truncate the printing of floating-point values:

This should be fixed. Would you mind filing an issue on the Juno repository and linking to this thread?


Not sure if i did this correctly, but here it is. Thank you for your help!


Just click on it. Like arrays, things which are rendered via Juno.jl can be interactive. This is nice because then it can show a simplified form, but the more in-depth form is right there as well. Maybe there should be an indicator that numbers are clickable.




But this question has come up quite often. Maybe this should be in the Juno documentation in the FAQ section?


I don’t really want my environment to elide a value unless it’s pressed for space. When we elide arrays we print dots. An elided number could end in an ellipsis.


Also, I’m pretty sure I tried clicking on both the number and the arrow to its left and nothing happened since I thought that might be how this worked.

EDIT: I tried again and I must have only tried clicking the arrow on the left, not the number itself – clicking the number does expand it, but it’s pretty hard to discover this.


Was this issue resolved? My Juno rounds all numbers to 2 or 3 digits. Is it possible to set global rounding to some number of digits (something like options(“scipen”=100, “digits”=5) in R)?


Well, there is now 3 dots after the number, indicating that the number is not shown in whole.

An option to set our preference would be great.