Reviving concrete package depending on Cxx.jl

Case and point. Last Friday, 11 December, there was a meeting of Julia users from Discours working in high energy physics (topic for another discusion). At the top of priorities emerges reviving of ROOT.jl package, which allows you to use mysterious ROOT program and libraries which dominates the field of high energy physics.

There are few big problems to solve, but first obstacle is that ROOT is mainly written in C++ and ROOT.jl use Cxx.jl package to call C++ code. From my knowledge Cxx.jl have serious problem in Julia above 1.4.

We would be grateful if someone want to share his/her experience about dealing with this problem. Should we try to move to something like CxxWrap.jl or all hope is lost until someone repair Cxx.jl?

To be honest, Iā€™m not a ROOT expert, so if you have some specific questions about it, you can found here much more knowledge person than I.

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