Revise and commenting out lines in package

Say I have a package that looks like this:

module test_pkg
    # include("file2.jl")

    export f
end # module test_pkg

f() = print("file 1")
f() = print("file 2")

Revise doesn’t seem to track changes when I comment / uncomment file1 / file2. Is that just not something Revise is capable of? I kind of just expected it to work, but just spent a couple hours debugging some code before realising Revise isn’t behaving how I expected.

Here is an example, where it respects the first comment/uncomment, but not the next:

julia> using Revise
julia> using test_pkg
julia> f()
file 1
#comment 'include("file1.jl")', uncomment 'include("file2.jl")'
julia> f()
file 2
#comment 'include("file2.jl")', uncomment 'include("file1.jl")'
julia> f()
file 2
julia> f()
file 2