Result of mean() is different for CuArray vs. regular Int64 array

mean() is returning different results for CuArray vs regular Int64 array.

using CUDA
using Statistics
INT = rand(Int64, 100000000)

I get 7.086957573875891e14 for mean(INT) and -2.8149924332010597e10 for mean(CUDA_INT)

Also, I get the following error the first time I run mean(CUDA_INT)

┌ Error: Cannot use NVML, as it failed to initialize
│   exception =
│    NVML could not be initialized (NVML_ERROR_DRIVER_NOT_LOADED)

But subsequent runs of mean(CUDA_INT) do not produce the error.

I am running Julia inside WSL2 on Windows 10.

I also tried doing the same thing with Float64, but both regular array and CuArray produce the same mean().

mean is currently implemented as sum / length, as it was in on the CPU before, so this just overflows here.