Result index of attribute


I wrote a model about Julia which contains 3 constraints. If I test one constraint at a time, each one works. But if I run the whole program, I get the following error message:

Has anyone had this problem before and would know where it could be coming from?

It seems to me that the problem comes from a problem between these two constraints:

#contrainte 2
for j in 1:s
    if ws2[j+1,4] == 1
        @constraint(TB, sum(x[i, j] for i in 1:e) <= 8)
        @constraint(TB, sum(x[i, j] for i in 1:e) <= 12)

#contrainte 3
for i in 1:e
    if (ws[i+1,3]==1)
        j = ws[i+1,4]
    @constraint(TB, x[i,j]==1)

Thanks in advance for your help!

As I mentioned here: Constraints that do not work together - #4 by odow, you need to check if the solver found a solution before attempting to access a primal value.

In this case, your model is probably infeasible.

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