Resources for medical data analysis

I am medical professional. I am newbie in julia. My idea is to use julia for data analysis. At present I use R. I would like to appreciate any help to accomplish this. Packages, resources etc


Welcome — you can find many learning resources on

And you may find the manual chapter on notable differences from R helpful:

I’m sure you’d use lots of tools from the DataFrames ecosystem, but beyond that there are lots of aspects to medical data analysis and specialized tools for different subsets.


There is a Julia chat on Zulip for health-and-medicine. We use DataKnots to process FHIR.


Being more specific (what kind of data analysis?) would probably lead to more specific suggestions. Data analysis per se is a very broad term.


Welcome @Dr_YADEV_I As @Tamas_Papp says please tell us some more about your work.

I would add the Queryverse to the list you should look at

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There’s also JuliaHealth