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I’m very new to Julia and I’m trying to find a go-to peak-finding implementation in one of the major Julia packages, but I can’t seem to find it. It seems there is a findlocalmaxima function in the Images package, but the documentation is sparse and doesn’t mention any way to filter peaks (prominence, distance from neighboring peaks, etc.). And it looks like a pull request stalled for this functionality in DSP #369?

I want something with parameters like these (similar to SciPy’s

  • minimum horizontal distance
  • peak prominence
  • peak width
  • minimum peak threshold

What is the simplest package that implements this in Julia?

Have you tried Peaks.jl by @halleysfifthinc ?


Thanks for the ping! Peaks.jl has comparable features to the Scipy find_peaks, peak_prominences, and peak_widths. Don’t hesitate to open an issue if there is a feature you need that Peaks.jl doesn’t currently have or if you find the docs unclear!


Great! I’ll give it a try. It would be really great if your package could be folded into a comprehensive signals-like package. It would make finding these functions easier. I will definitely open an issue if I come across anything.