Request to become a moderator

Hello everyone,

I’d like to help moderate this forum in order to help the current ones with this sometimes mundane but time consuming task, specially as the current moderators are also very busy core developers.

Cheers and merry Christmas from Cancún! :heart:


CC @moderators

Just forget it, please delete my account, there is no button in the settings to do that, thanks.

Deleting might be difficult. See this post in the meta discourse group.

As we are in the Meta group, let me mention, I’m disappointed by your last post (in the uppercase thread), the discussion rolled back into deeper technical waters and you disgressed again with meta-things. I would have found it better to use private messages and/or the ‘Meta Discussion’ group in this case.

I hope you reconsider. The Julia forum includes people from very diverse backgrounds, one might not always understand each other. And then it helps (maybe) to remember that Julia is just a tool and be cautious and gentle. Creo que Cancún es un lugar muy caliente :grinning: :sunny: It would be a pity to loose you (from merry Christmas to forget it in two days - you can’t be serious :wink:).

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

For the sake of transparency: I have never known you to lose your calm when I pressed that like button.

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