Request for Help: Maintenance of DandelionWebSockets.jl




I’m the original author of DandelionWebSockets.jl ( It is a client-side WebSocket library I made. However, I’m not using Julia anymore, so it is not being actively developed or maintained. A few brave souls have submitted pull requests, but I have a hard time prioritizing this project in my day-to-day life.

I’m hoping someone will be willing to take over development of it. Primarily it would require keeping it up-to-date with Julia. It’s not entirely feature complete, so there is a chance for continued development of it as well, if one wishes.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Best regards,
Erik Edin


Seems like JuliaWeb organization still lacks client-side WebSockets, maybe it makes sense to move your package there? Packages in organizations are maintained by multiple people and also are easier to discover.


However, it should be said that just moving a package to an organization does not mandate anyone to maintain it. In fact, I would say maintenance and where the repo resides are largely orthogonal.


Hi again!

I have decided to make an effort to maintain this again, so this request for help is no longer relevant.


I’m glad to hear that! I had a lot of websocket heavy stuff I wanted to do in Julia and ran into a lack of websocket packages with support from smart people. I ended up building a websocket client in Python that forwarded everything to my Julia software, so hopefully I can avoid that in the future with your excellent package.