REPL line editing: C-u not expected behaviour

In Julia 0.6.2, when I am in REPL (interactive) mode, and I’ve typed something and put the cursor halfway or so, and then press C-u, the whole line disappears. I expected that only what’s left disappears, which is what programs using readline(3) do.

Is there a reason to deviate from the readline(3) conventions?

Fixed on 0.7

Great, thanks Kristoffer!


Maybe 22007 could be inspirational because it changed doc and news too…

Ah yes, I now read about that merge @Liso mentioned. As it’s two months old, I won’t respond in that merge discussion, so here is better.

The general sentiment appears to be to keep things as standard as possible, as mentioned by @StefanKarpinski, and if things are established we should follow. I agree. I found it interesting to read about the difference in maturity of IPython and Julia. In Unix (in the wide sense, including GNU and BSD), this is standardised since the 1990’s. See readline(3).

I mention this because it could be useful to refer to when working on the REPL code.

P.S. Please tell me if I should not “ping” users that are not involved in a thread in the future. I now see it is okay to do so! :slight_smile: