REPL in multi window vscode dosen't work

I usually used vscode in 2 windows by duplicating workspace, but julia REPL dosen’t work(unfortunately i don’t know when the issue happened, it works abut 6 month ago, i guess…)

Below is how to repro my issue.

↑ There are example files written in python, julia. In single window, shift + Enter can excute both:

  • 20220809_160351

  • 20220809_160355

↑ Now i duplicate workspace.


↑ python console can move to new window with the result.

Honeycam 2022-08-09 16-19-16

↑ but julia REPL can not, and now shift + enter don’t response.

My Env: windows 11, julia 1.7.3, vscode 1.70.0, julia extension v1.6.30.

This isn’t supported currently. Can you open a feature request at GitHub - julia-vscode/julia-vscode: Julia extension for Visual Studio Code?