REPL and for loops (scope behavior change)

It may be helpful to post a new topic that describes exactly what you’re running into with a minimal example folks can use to understand what’s going on.

Edit: ah, I see you have here: Tips to cope with scoping rules of top level `for` loops etc

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i perfectly understand that, and as you outline it it is perfectly true. but that entails a heavy abstraction (or rather, “de-abstracts”) upon what a named-assignable-to-entity is normally understood to be. introducing such mental overload in a language which is a codification of intent i think is problematic.

This depends on the language. C++ assigned names, R places things in boxes. Whether it’s intuitive depends on where you are coming from. I would encourage you to take some more time learning julia and reading the manual, over time the behavior of variable assignment will become more intuitive.