Rename MWE to S(N)WE

April, 1st

I’d propose to rename MWE(minimal working example) to S(N)WE(some (maybe not working) example) to simplify communication with others.

We get very often SNWEs and can’t help, so we ask for a MWE.
So I would reject your proposal, as renaming something with something different is not what I think would help communication.


Hm, sorry, did I missed the joke tag and April,1st ? I took that proposal serious, and I am not the one to reject anything here. So, if I’ve destroyed the joke, I am sorry for that :frowning:

Well it’s kinda a joke. I usually say something like “minimum non-working example”. A few weeks ago, I asked an intern for a “MWE”. They asked what that meant. I gave the precise definition, which is minimum non-working example. That may sound like nitpicking. But, if you say minimum working example you risk confusion… “If it were working, why would I have this question?” And then you explain.

StackOverflow defines MWE as “minimal workable example” instead, i.e. something that helpers can work with. I quite like that over minimal working example.


We could avoid acronyms completely and just say “reproducible example”.

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I understood “working” always as “working while reproducing any error in question”, so how about:
MWEWRAEIQ ? :wink:

@CameronBieganek : Avoid acronyms? But… But… everybody will understand us … No no, not good…