Removing a registry

I experimented with creating my own registry. It didn’t work out, because I can’t access our corporate github accounts using the julia package management tools. Fine. It was an experiment. I’ve removed the registry information from ~/.julia/general/registries. But when I use the Pkg REPL to install or update packages, my abortive registry is still checked. Is there a way I can remove it?

That should be enough. Maybe you still have the registry in another depot?

Maybe. I don’t understand what you mean by depot.

The package manager looks for registries in DEPOT_PATH, more specifically in these directories: joinpath.(DEPOT_PATH, "registries").

I see. I don’t have any registries in any of those locations, aside from the General registry in ~/.julia/… which I already mentioned.

Out of curiosity, what is the roadblock for that?

See the discussion here:

Does anyone have any other ideas what might be going on here?

Can you post the actual error with a stacktrace?