Relation between Makie.jl and Plots.jl

There was a similar question asked a year ago, here Current state of the relationship between Plots and Makie.

I am just curious of what is the relation between the two plotting libraries at the moment. I know that Plots.jl focuses on static plotting while Makie.jl on interactive plotting. Just reading, it seems that Makie.jl wants to overcome “design flaws” of Plots.jl. Is the long-term goal to replace Plots.jl by Makie.jl?


I think the design goal of Makie is to become the go-to package for plotting in Julia (or at least one of them), and it’s already very usable and powerful, if still in rapid development. In terms of replacing Plots I don’t think that Plots is going away anytime soon; but Makie is already very far in terms of being usable by people as a drop-in replacement for Plots, in that it now consumes RecipesBase recipes via the MakieRecipes package. The interface is still a bit rough around the edges but will solidify over time.


@mkborregaard Thanks for your quick answer! I will give Makie a try soon.

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