ReinforcementLearning.jl weird behavior on custom environment, reset! is in Schrödingers namespace

After implementing the RLBase.reset! method for my environment im being told the method doesn’t exist.
When checking in help mode, Julia asks whether i meant ‘reset!’ instead of ‘reset!’.
Does anyone have a clue where that could be coming from?
I’m sort of at a loss.

When explicitly calling RLBase.reset! everything works as intended, which is weird because RLBase.reward etc also work without the prefix, but for now the workaround reset!(env) = RLBase.reset!(env) seems to do the trick.

function RLBase.reset!(env::KniffelGym)
    env.dices = rand(1:6, 5)
    env.field_values = zeros(13)
    env.field_isempty = fill(true, 13)
    env.total_reward = 0