Registering a package that depends on MATLAB.jl

I’m trying to register a package that depends on MATLAB.jl and I’m getting blocked by an error during CI:

ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: InitError: failed process: Process(`which matlab`, ProcessExited(1)) [1]

Which makes sense on the one hand because Matlab (proper) isn’t installed on the server, but on the other hand Matlab isn’t invoked when simply import MyPackage, so I’m not sure what’s going on or how I can fix this.

Such packages will just have to be merged manually.

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Ah… ok. Thanks.

Wait, so now I noticed that “normal” CI with travis doesn’t work because of which matlab… How do people test their packages if somewhere down their package dependencies there is a MATLAB.jl?

I’m either missing something basic, or maybe my dependency is indeed invoking Matlab even by just including it. I’ll double check.

MATLAB.jl does which matlab during its initialization:

(screenshot taken from your failed CI run)

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Right. Good catch. Wish that test (matlab’s) was lazy instead…