Registered package files have different file permissions than non-registered

Genie.jl packs a series of template files for bootstrapping a new user app. These are bundled within the Genie.jl package and then copied and modified as part of generating a new user app.

When using pkg> add the original file permissions are preserved. However, when using pkg> add Genie, the package is added with different file permissions (most notably user read only). This leads to permission errors and failure to create a new app.

This behaviour is unexpected, undocumented, most likely unnecessary and hard to test during development. I have created a patch to manually update permissions, but I have yet to register the new version to be able to test this - and if it needs more changes this will be extremely annoying.

Thinking about opening an issue but I’m not sure where (Pkg, Registrator?).

Thank you

Seems like a bug in Pkg, files should be read-only no matter how they are being added.

Got it - as long as there’s consistent behaviour between registered and non-registered, that’s fine by me. I’ll open an issue with Pkg.

There’s something here, possibly related, still open: