Regex escape chars

I’m currently trying to use ArgParse so that a user can change a regex pattern in the code.
I encountered the following issue with Regex during that.
Why is Regex("\.git") not valid?
The error is invalid escape sequence but r"\.git" works as expected.
I have to use Regex("\\.git") which is a little confusing.
Can anyone explain why this is the case?

Regex is a function and, other than a macro, it’s argument get’s evaluated before the function is called.
The error stems from the string "\.git" alone, see

julia> "\."
ERROR: syntax: invalid escape sequence

This is because characters after backslashes in strings are always escaped and \. is no valid escape character. (For motivation see e.g. and

String literals (such as r"\.git") obey different rules which I don’t completely understand but at least they don’t require always every backlash escaping the following symbol, see e.g. discussions here:


Mostly the content of a non-standard string literal is taken verbatim and passed to the macro, which in this case passes that string directly to PCRE, which interprets the meaning according to this:

The only case where the contents of a non-standard string is not passed literally to the defining macro is if there are backslashes followed by a double quote character: if the number of backslashes is even, you get n/2 backslashes in the string followed by end-of-string; if the number of backslashes is odd, you get (n-1)/2 backslashes followed by a quote character.


Another example of a string literal is the raw string literal (but not particularly useful in this case).

julia> raw"\.git"

julia> Regex(raw"\.git")

The raw string literal is really useful for Windows file paths:

julia> raw"C:\Users\Greg\Data\Julia"