Regarding missing references in VSCode

I found the latest extension working well with symbols in packages and modules. But it appears it doesn’t work with includes. Symbols are marked missing both in included and including sides. Not sure if it is what it is, or there are some tricks I need to know.

Works for me. One trick, I think, is that you need to open the whole directory with the Code editor, instead of opening the files one by one.

uhn, interesting.

I actually open my entire project together with code. the project contains a few packages and in the packages some files get included by others, and that’s where I see quite many missing references.

Maybe Code can’t handle multiple packages being open simultaneously?

Are all of those packages either dev-ed or add-ed?

My local packages are dev’ed packages. Package symbols are recognized in other packages in code.

After re-checking, I’m not sure if my issues are due to includes. Somewhere, symbols through includes appear to be recognised. Something else is strange.

One thing I found with includes that cause VSCode to complain about missing reference is as following:

in file A.jl:

bFile = “B.jl”

If I do the include directly, like:


then things appear OK

Well, yeah, it’s based on static analysis, so it’s somewhat bound to be limited like that. I wonder though, maybe it would be possible to augment the language server’s information with run time data? Perhaps with the help of SnoopCompile?