Recording mouse click coordinates in Jupyter

How do I get mouse click locations in Jupyter? This is trivial in non-jupyter environment, but it seems like many plotting packages don’t support interactive mode in a Jupyter notebook.

PyPlot.jl: PyPlot.jl does not support interactive mode in Jupyter.
Makie.jl + WebGL: seems like there’s a bug and the package is not functional.

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Did you find out?

As long as PyPlot.jl calls Matplotlib, via PyCall, it should work. Six years ago I coded within Jupyter Notebook (IPython Notebook at that time) with Python 2 and Matplotlib, the interactive generation of Bezier and B-spline curves: Jupyter Notebook Viewer (Class BuildB and associated methods). As I can remember the interactivity has been ensured by setting %matplotlib nbagg, and later %matplotlib notebook.