Recommended way of disabling precompilation for a package I'm dev'ing

I’m currently in the situation where I’m in dev mode for a package X and actively making changes to its source. But this makes a package Y which depends on X have very long precompilation times every time I have to quit and restart my session (e.g. when I restart my computer; normally I’m using Revise and only have to suffer precompilation every time I begin a session, but that’s still a pain since precompilation takes a loooong time).

Since I’m constantly making changes to X, this seems to basically nullify the point of precompilation: what’s the nicest way to disable precompilation of Y in such a case? Do I need to edit its source, is there a way to do this purely through a setting in the package manager (it would need to be a package-specific disabling of precompilation), etc.?


I think setting __precompile__(false) above the module definition of the package should do it.

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Thanks! In an ideal world maybe this could be done through Pkg but that works great:)

@kristoffer.carlsson made the best suggestion for now. Some day we will need something like Add option to globally disable snoop precompilation by baggepinnen · Pull Request #299 · timholy/SnoopCompile.jl · GitHub, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.