Recommended Quickcheck library

is there a recommended library similary to Haskel’s QuickCheck that is still maintained?
I have found QuickCheck.jl and RandomizedPropertyTest.jl but both seem abandoned. Any other recommendations?


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The property based testing landscape in julia isn’t that mature yet, as far as I know. Those projects I know of are more or less very basic implementations of the core idea of quickcheck, i.e. the fuzzy test generating part. Shrinking test cases is kind of tough :man_shrugging:

If you don’t mind non-production ready in-development software, I’ve been working on and off on PropCheck.jl (shrinking included! But you probably need to define generators and shrinkers for your custom object, since autogeneration of those hasn’t been a focus yet and extracting invariants from constructors is challenging to say the least). I wouldn’t consider it production ready yet, since the UX just isn’t there yet and I’m sure there are many inefficiencies I haven’t run into yet, but I’ve been using it for my personal projects. The API also isn’t final, since I’m the only user so far and don’t know if the interface is understandable/usable, but I’d love to get some feedback! I also have a more recent version on my local repo, which I should push to github again - possibly tomorrow, if I find the time.