Recommended packages to contribute to for newcomers?

Hello! I’ve been using Julia for homework and I’m interested in getting more involved in package development. In the near term I’d like to contribute to some stats packages to get a feel for how packages work, with a long term goal of writing my own package for my research. I’d appreciate any recommendations for good packages (or specific issues) to start contributing to.


If I had to point out a good beginner issue, it would be this one:

Autodifferentiation is a pretty neat and prevalent feature in Julia, and one way to learn what it is would be to contribute. This issue theoretically could work with just a few typing changes. It’s the kind of thing where everyone notices that it would be easy, lots of people seem to want it, but no one has done it yet :slight_smile:.

As for something more directly related to Stats (though autodifferentiation is used everywhere!), check out Distributions.jl. They have a bunch of issues tagged as new functions and distributions to implement that are up for grabs.

New func:

New dist:

Some work in MultivariateStats.jl is up for grabs. It’s a small but very useful library. Small makes it easy to jump into:

In general, looking at JuliaStats is probably a good idea for your interests.


Thanks for the quick and extremely helpful response! I’ll start taking a look at these this weekend.