Recommendations for using GPU on old hardware

Is there a summary somewhere of what packages or package versions support CUDA capability levels?

I have a Fermi-architecture card (GeForce GT 550M) which is compute capable 2.1 and CUDA driver 9.1 (latest available). I have tried all the way back to CUDA.jl v1.0.0 which issues an error about AddrSpacePtr (under Julia 1.5.2) and CUDA.jl v1.1.0 which issues “ERROR: Device capability v2.1.0 not supported by available toolchain.”

Are there other libraries that would allow me to work with my GPU from julia?

I think you need a new hardware…

ctrl-F Fermi shows nothing

OpenCL tends to run on pretty much any hardware, even old cards. The Julia bindings are a bit more difficult to learn and use but it could be worth trying.

It may also be worth looking at ArrayFire.jl

There is a more detailed description of the library on its homepage:
It seems to support for targeting OpenCL, which means it should also run on your hardware, but having easier to use bindings.