Reading string including Greek letters from SQL server

I need to store serialized JSON strings of types that include Greek letters (such as λ) on an sql server table.

Storing works just fine (field defined as nvarchar(max) data type) and sql prefixed with N) - but I’m having difficulties reading the Greek letters back into Julia with the Greek letters replaced by “?”.

Serialization of the object into JSON and subsequently casting it back into the relevant type works just fine without database interaction - so it seems to be purely db related.

I’m using the ODBC.jl package for this.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

What SQL server are you using? Julia itself fully supports (and encourages) use of UTF-8, so it’s possible that the server doesn’t like it/needs a specific data type for its columns to not mangle the data.

It’s an MS SQL Server. However, when I run a query in MS SQL Server Management Studio to extract the json strings then the Greek letters are displayed just fine - i.e. to me it looks like an issue in Julia when applying the ODBC package?