Reading and interpreting math in text file

Hi all,
I have a text file containing data like :

2.2*cos(pi*25/16), 2.2*sin(pi*25/16)
2.2*cos(pi*23/16), 2.2*sin(pi*23/16)
2.2*cos(pi*7/16) , 2.2*sin(pi*7/16)

I would like to read these data and store them as numbers (means interpreting them while reading) not as text.
Any way of doing this easily?

Not something I’ve done. But parse seems to be the direction to go in

In the REPL

julia> eval(Meta.parse(“2.2cos(pi25/16)”))

I guess I would use CSV.jl to read the lines then parse the expressions like that?

Great, it works perfectly. Thanks :ok_hand: