Re-use Base function name in a module?

Consider creating a module A with a function called split inside of it. Then I can call the function as A.split without clobbering or extending Base.split, so it could have a different meaning. Within A I would have to qualify any use of Base.split, but otherwise it seems pretty reasonable to me.

module A
    split(x,y) = "A split"

The following gives me pause, every module has Base.split available at all times

julia> module B

julia> B.split("abc","b")
2-element Array{SubString{String},1}:

Anybody have any thoughts on re-using base function names inside a module? I was trying to avoid something like this, where I essentially repeat the module name:

module C
    csplit(x,y) = "c split"
baremodule A
    split(x,y) = "A split"
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