Rarely see usage of TimeArray

I really like the TimeArray data structure from TimeSeries.jl. It is more efficient and elegant than the ts and xts of R language. However, I rarely see people use TimeArray. I would like to know why.

Actually I use TimeSeries.jl heavily in a package I am developing but I am planning to drop TimeSeries.jl entirely from it since I feel the combination DataFrames.jl / Dates.jl provides me with most of the functionality I need and the extra functionality from TimeSeries.jl either I don’t really need it or I just can code it.

Also checking on github it seems there is no much work done lately on TimeSeries.jl and it feels like the package might be phasing out.

Anyway, for the time being I think I’ll go with DataFrames.jl / Dates.jl and Julia base Arrays to work with time series and see what the future brings.