Random Segmentation Fault on GitHub tests

A package I have developed randomly fails to pass github tests due to a segmentation fault. For example, this test failed: https://github.com/markowkes/Biofilm.jl/actions/runs/3175253204/jobs/5173336213.

I have seen a failed job has been on every OS (Windows or Mac) and Julia version (1.7-nightly) that I’m testing. Rerunning the test without any changes to the code usually works without the error. I have never seen this error on my PC.

The code solves ~100 differential equations using DifferentialEquations.jl.

Any ideas on what is causing the segmentation faults?

Not an answer to the “why” question, but if this happens on x86_64 Linux you can try capturing the segfault in rr with GitHub - JuliaLang/BugReporting.jl: Streamlines bug reporting for julia

Thanks, @giordano. I haven’t been able to get rr to work with my GitHub tests. I’m getting an error that ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: rr not defined. Is there a way to load rr in a GitHub workflow?

But, I did find that my initial problem is this issue: Julia 1.8 `CVODE_BDF` causes segfaults · Issue #367 · SciML/Sundials.jl · GitHub

Did you follow the instructions at GitHub - JuliaLang/BugReporting.jl: Streamlines bug reporting for julia?

I missed that this needed to be run on Linux.