R JuliaCall erroring during setup with Julia v1.9

Would someone help me. My setup is giving error
julia_setup(installJulia = TRUE)


The JuliaCall R package tends to break whenever Julia updates. Please consider searching and, if necessary, seeking help here. Alternatively, consider using the JuliaConnectoR package instead, which is more stable but less performant than JuliaCall.

Than you for suggestion. I have JuliaCall and JuliaConnectR installed at same time. But still setup is not going to install in R.

That is interesting. I have done work on configuring clusters to use cgroups in the past, which fits right in here.

@Faraz564 Plase perhaps open a new thread for this issue? People on here are very helpful but your isssue might be missed as it is in another thread.

Just flag it and us moderators can easily move it

Thank you suggestion. I had already done. But could not able to get enough response. If it is possible so it from here.