Quiver plot using PlotlyJS backend not showing arrowhead

Hi, I’m using plotlyjs backend to make a simple quiver plot, it looks like this

where arrow heads are not shown. If I switch to GR I get the following wit arrow heads

So how do I make arrow heads shown with plotlyjs? I tried arrow=0.1, arrow=true etc. without any luck. I searched and couldn’t find any answer.

If not possible under `plotlyjs’, under ‘gr’ how can I change style and size of the arrow heads?

I also noticed that, see [BUG] `quiver` plots show no arrow heads with `plotlyjs()` · Issue #4593 · JuliaPlots/Plots.jl · GitHub

In one of our projects, we used a workaround - we just used an older version of Plots.jl but then needed to implement some workarounds for other problems locally, see https://github.com/ranocha/2023_modeling_matters/blob/80f121be311dbf90cf3d5bd49a69d74657a48b6b/notebook.jl#L914-L921