Questions about Julialang: The Ingredients for a Composable Programming Language

I read this article from @oxinabox with great interest and it’s a great article (and talk)

One point that I found very interesting was that

Open classes:

  • so you can create new methods in your package for types/functions declared in another package

and that

Name collisions make package authors come together and create base packages (like StatsBase ) and agree on what the functions mean.

I see this happening with Tables.jl.

So my questions is: what do people think are challenge we as a community will face in the future as the community gets bigger and more people are involved in developing packages? Will coordinating and coming up with and agreeing to a common baseline become harder and harder?

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To some extent this gets harder, on the other hand, the good news is that many of these conventions have already been made. As long as Julia doesn’t have many fundamental changes most of these decisions have already been made, and don’t need to be made again.


I don’t know, but in a way, and one of the points of that talk is the language almost forces it to happen.
Which helps with the Lisp Curse I think

(Aside: Tables.jl would have been a better example than StatsBase.)

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