Questions about exporting .CSV data to Julia

In a single file in the .CSV I created two tabs, but when I try to read this data in Julia, the following error message appears to me: ArgumentError: "filename.csv" is not a valid file

Can someone help me?

To better help you please share the code you are using. For reading a CSV file you can use

using CSV, DataFrames
pathtofile = "filename.csv" # Verify the file exists through `isfile`
# you can check the files in your working directory through `readdir(".")`
# if your file is somewhere else you can use the absolute or relative path
# For example, `joinpath("data", "thefileIjustmade.csv")`
data =, DataFrame)
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That’s the error message that you’ll usually see when you’ve got the wrong file path. Are you sure the file exists in the location you’re giving to If you’re not specifying a full path, Julia will just check in the current working directory, so make sure you either do specify the full path or cd into the directory in which your file lives.