Question: using imdecode in OpenCV.jl

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Julia and I’m trying to port an opencv script made in python to Julia. Since I haven’t seen an specific subforum dedicated to computer vision, I’m posting this question to general usage.

The script I’m porting requires loading an image using OpenCV.imdecode, which according to opencv c++ documentation requires it to be passed as an OpenCV.Mat. However, the examples provides in opencv.jl documentation raise an error stating that Julia couldn’t find any method matching the given arguments, as it expects an AbstractArray(T, 3).

I’m using Julia 1.9 and OpenCV.jl 4.5.3

Has anyone experience using imdecode in Julia? Is it possible to load an image provides in a Vector{UInt8} buffer as in C++ or python?

OpenCV.jl documentation: Core · OpenCV.jl documentation