Question about time series prediction

Hi, I’m making predictions about the power system. I have clustered and tagged the current power system data (356*2568). What method should be used to predict the possible emergence of species tags in the next period of time? In other words, how to predict the tag?

Request everyone guidance! I have been puzzled by this question for a long time :unamused:! Thank you very much!

Is there anything Julia-specific about this question? Also why is this in the “Internals & Design” category?

Sorry I may have misclassified my question

Okay - I have moved this to Offtopic as it doesn’t seem to be a question related to Julia specifically.

Can you show us at least an extract of what your data look like? Without domain familiarity and a view of the data, it’s going to be very difficult to assist. I don’t know anything about energy tagging so I don’t know if your tags are continuous, categorical, etc.

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The data looks something like this:

The data is 8,765 data points per year at an hour interval. It also carries the label of classification.