Question about JuMPChance

Hi, this is my first time using JuMPChance package, there seems to be some problems regarding to setting @indepnormal variables.

using JuMPChance
using JuMP
using Gurobi
var_para = [0.1 0.1 0.1]
@variable(m_chance, x[1:3])
@indepnormal(m_chance, z[i=1:3], mean=0, var=var_para[i])
@objective(m_chance, Min, sum{x[i], i=1:3})
@constraint(m_chance, z.*x >=-1, with_probability=0.95)

When I run the code, it returns “UndefVarError: undef not defined” at line
@indepnormal(m_chance, z[i=1:3], mean=0, var=var_para[i])
Could anyone tell me which part went wrong please?