Question about cluster setup on windows

I am learning how to build up a computer cluster for computation. Now I have already started up the SSH service on one server running windows 10 and keep the same julia version of the latest 1.9.3 installed in the same path, and I can successfully ssh to it via my laptop running windows 11. However, when I call addprocs([“user@remote_IP_address”]), it is thrown that

ERROR: TaskFailedException

nested task error: Unable to read host:port string from worker. Launch command exited with error?

What were missed during the above settings to result in the failure? Or preferably, could you please share your experience of a successful setting?

I would ask you to think about using a cloud service using Linux

AWS Parallel Cluster AWS ParallelCluster - Amazon Web Services
Azure High-performance computing (HPC) on Azure - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Learn

I have been building HPC clusters for over 20 years - go with the flow

Really cool! but it actually doesn’t resolve my problem :rofl:

If you use the ssh server in Mobaxterm does this help?