Query - column names with spaces

I have this df: d = DataFrame(Symbol("Full Name") => ["Mike","Paul","Andres"], Symbol("Age") => 10:12) so far so good. Now i want to do this Query:

using Query
@from i in d begin
@where i.Age == 11
@select {i."Full Name", i.Age}
@collect DataFrame

But it returns an error. I think its because that “Full Name” field because it goes fine if the field name is just “Name”. How can i fix it?

does this work:

@select {getfield(i, Symbol("Full Name")), i.Age}


ok then the macros in Query may need a feature addition to support d."Full Name"

yaeah…this seems to be so simple and yet i cant do it…if the column name is just “Name” or “Full_Name” then i can get it done. that space between Full and Name is the problem…so frustrating…

@statspy , I had exactly the same problem today. I use this code to remove the spaces in the colnames of the dataframe “df”

# remove spaces in colnames
oldNames = names(df)
newNames = Vector{String}(undef, length(oldNames))
for (i, name) in enumerate(oldNames) 
    new = replace(name, " " => "") 
    newNames[i] = new
rename!(df, newNames)