Qqnorm and qqplot


Is there an equivalent to R qqnorm and qqplot functions in some julia package?


There’s a gist here for how to do it with Gadfly https://gist.github.com/kleinschmidt/7ce8cec988a84ce73ba2

It would be fairly easy to make a recipe for this for StatPlots as well - we should definitely have that.


This should work with Plots:

using Distributions, RecipesBase

@recipe function f(h::QQPair)
    seriestype --> :scatter
    h.qx, h.qy

@userplot QQPlot
@recipe f(h::QQPlot) = qqbuild(h.args[1], h.args[2])
@userplot QQNorm
@recipe f(h::QQNorm) = qqbuild(Normal(), h.args[1])

Use like this:

x = rand(Normal(), 100)
y = rand(Cauchy(), 100)

using Plots


And now there’s a PR on StatPlots:
@harven there’s a request for comment on the pull request, if you like.


That’s great, thank you! I will have a look at the RFC soon.