Pytorch's Identity() implementation/alternative in Fluxml?

description: A placeholder identity operator that is argument-insensitive.
example pseudocode:

self.layer = nn.Sequential(
nn.Dropout(0.5) if dropout else nn.Identity(),


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btw where did you find the identity ? i have searched in Zygote and Flux docs, no results found…

If my intuition is right, this is just the regular julia function identity. Flux and Zygote compose with all julia functions you want to put in, as far as I know. This should also extend to arbitrary packages and user code, it’s one of the strengths of having a full julia stack for this.

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okey, i will check it, because i want replicate Pytorch’s Indentity function

How is Pytorch’s identity different from just identity function defined as f(x) = x ?

i have not checked Julia’s indentity

There is no difference between using nn.Identity in PyTorch and identity in Flux. The whole point of a Julia native ML library is that you don’t need to subclass nn.Module for everything. Want to use some arbitrary function in a Chain? Just pass it in, no need to wrap in a layer class. Because of this, there is no reason for us to reinvent the wheel and define an Identity layer when Julia already has a perfectly good identity function.