PyPlot stopped working when upgrading to Fedora 37

Hello everyone!
I upgraded my system from Fedora 35 to Fedora 37 and the PyPlot package stopped working. There are many error messages when I run using PyPlot, suggesting that the matplotlib library may not be installed, but it is installed. Has anyone experienced this and managed to solve it?


using Pkg

The next time you import PyPlot, it will tell Conda to install Matplotlib.

So it will use a Python installation that is separate from the Fedora Python version.

Can this be reversed later?

Well, if you want to use the system version of Python you can just do:

using Pkg"PyCall")

On GNU/Linux systems, PyCall will default to using the python3 program (if any, otherwise python) in your PATH.

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That’s interesting! Thank you very much.