Pyccel, Python 3 to Fortran or C compiler/transpiler

What Julia is now competing with: pyccel/ at master · pyccel/pyccel · GitHub

Pyccel is a static compiler for Python 3, using Fortran or C as a backend language […] Not only is the Pyccel-generated Fortran or C code very fast, but it is human-readable […] In order to translate Python 3 code (dynamically typed) to efficient Fortran/C code (statically typed), Pyccel makes a certain number of assumptions, needs additional information from the user, and imposes a few restrictions on the code.

It generates faster code than with Numba (and sometimes faster than Pythran), and the compilation time is always better than with Pythran, and often similar to Numba.

The to “-to-X”, implies more languages supported (and maybe to Julia could be possible? That it already possible with another tool, or was it that one, also from Julia would be interesting):
It was just published in JOSS: