PyCall Holoviews output in Jupyter notebook

Is it possible to get the pyviz stack working with PyCall in a Jupyter notebook?

using PyCall
hv = pyimport("holoviews")
hv.extension("bokeh" )
hv.Curve((t,t .^ 2))

currently yields PyObject :Curve [x] (y) rather than the figure I was hoping for.

Basically, you will need to call some holoviews function to get the figure in some notebook-supported format (e.g. PNG, SVG, …). Then you can call e.g. display("image/png", ...png data...).

In PyPlot.jl, I automated this process by creating a Figure wrapper around Matplotlib figure objects which has show methods for the various Matplotlib-supported image types: PyPlot.jl/PyPlot.jl at c4b0c566d1da3c08342b3f7d8d3aa14709c698bb · JuliaPy/PyPlot.jl · GitHub