Publication-ready plots



is there any “how-to” concerning publication-ready plots? For example, I used these commands, but only got a 600x400 pixels png.

using Plots
default(show = true)
plot(rand(10,4), linestyle=[:solid :dash])


I tried resizing manually the figure and then using “savefig” command, but it didn’t worked.

Thanks for any help!

edit - I know I can use eps output. But sometimes, some journal just does not accept them and insist on tiff or other bitmap format.


Can you be more specific about what you’d like? Some possible attributes that you’ll want: size and dpi (see In addition, some backends are more “publication-ready” than others (see Feel free to ask questions in the gitter chat as well:, though you should read through the docs first.



size and dpi was indeed what I was looking for. With these attributes, I can work my way :slight_smile:


How do i see the publication readyness in this?


e.g. the PGFPlots backend perfectly matches the style of latex documents.


IMO publication readyness is not a question of (image) resolution. Instead, you should use vector graphics formats, e,g, SVG, PDF, PS, PGF (all supported in gr(), but also in other Plots backends …)


I agree.

I’m generally using eps files, but strangely some journals in my field still insist on tiff files. I guess that I could simply use Inkscape and convert the eps file into tiff files.


FYI: The gr() SVG output can be edited in Inkscape and probably leads to better results …