Proper place for dependencies (the deps folder)

Consider the following: there is a package P, which depends on a library L in the C language. The library L is bundled with the package P. To use the package P, the user needs to get the library L compiled with the script P/deps/build.jl. The question is what is the proper place for the library L?

Is it better to have P/deps/L, or can the library L live anywhere within the package P tree, for instance as P/L or P/libs/L? Does it matter? What are the conventions?

Normally, i would place it in deps

Thanks. Is that an opinion or you know this to be the established practice?

It’s fairly common to do, I believe. I’ve done it here

But now that I think about it, there might be some advantage to choosing an independent download / install location within .julia directory to make the install independent of the package source location…