Propagate changes from git repo into package included with dev?

One of my environments has a package from a local git server in development mode checked out, added as

pkg> dev git@...

After pushing modifications into the git repository, a function signature changed
pmt_averages(::Int64, ::ts_filter, ::Symbol; root::String) from pmt_averages(::Int64, ::ts_filter; root::String).
On my local machine, the package is checked out in ~/.julia/dev/data_loader.
The code in this folder is synced to the most recent version of the repository.

When I now import that package in my environment and use the new signature I get an error that the old signature is still expected:

julia> pmt_averages(shotnr, f, :mean)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching pmt_averages(::Int64, ::ts_filter, ::Symbol; root::String)

Closest candidates are:
  pmt_averages(::Int64, ::ts_filter; root)
   @ data_loader ~/.julia/dev/data_loader/src/loader.jl:124

How do I properly propagate changes from the local git server into the package included with dev into an environment?

I just figured out that I the repo in ~/.julia/dev/data_loader was synced, but on the wrong machine.

But I’m still wondering whether the clone in that folder needs to be synced manually every time there is an update to the upstream repository. Is there a way to automate this within Pkg?

Maybe you want add instead of dev? You can add an URL. I believe up should pull from the upstream when set up like that.