Project instantiation

I’ve started using projects to work collaboratively and I’d would like my coworkers to be able to get the identical git commits for the custom projects we’re working on, as listed in Manifest.toml

Say they are in the project directory. Is this all that needs to happen?

; git pull
] activate .

This appears to update the Manifest.toml file, which seems odd… We want to be using exactly the same version of everything. I also don’t quite understand how --project and --manifest flags alter this behaviour.


Yea, this does not normally happen. Do you have an example Project.toml/Manifest.toml pair that reproduces this?

Unfortunately its working now and I didn’t save an example, but I’ll put in an issue on github if it happens again. It may have been an issue using the same project on 1.0/0.7 installs.