Project CellStates in Gridap

I am looking to project a CellState from the triangulation of a quad mesh created in gmsh.

Triangles created in gmsh/ a domain of quads made in Gridap (with the domain and partition functions) work with no issues.

The MWE of the code is as follows:

`using Gridap
using LinearAlgebra
using GridapGmsh

model = GmshDiscreteModel(“C:/Users/ttcf5/gui.msh”)

order = 1
reffe = ReferenceFE(lagrangian,Float64,order)
V = TestFESpace(model,reffe)
U = TrialFESpace(V)

degree = 2*order
Ω = Triangulation(model)
dΩ = Measure(Ω,degree)

f = CellState(1.0, dΩ)

function project(q,model,dΩ,order)
reffe = ReferenceFE(lagrangian,Float64,order)
V = FESpace(model,reffe,conformity=:L2)
a(u,v) = ∫( u*v )
l(v) = ∫( v
q )*dΩ
op = AffineFEOperator(a,l,V,V)
qh = solve(op)

fh = project(f, model, dΩ, order)`

The error is:

It is not possible to evaluate the given CellState on the given CellPoint.
a CellState can only be evaluated at the CellPoint it was created from.
If you want to evaluate at another location, you would need first to project the CellState
to a FESpace (e.g. via a L2 projection).

Am I misunderstanding something?
Could anyone help me to solve this problem?

Just in case anyone runs into the same issue. This was a bug that has been solved and is undergoing testing before being added to the master.